Construction Equipment

Loyal will advise you and identify the bearing solutions best suited to your construction equipment.

Excavators, wheel loaders, pavers or concrete mixers-- building equipment needs to integrate optimal efficiency and accuracy. In addition, with increasing energy expenditures, high efficiency levels are important and emission requirements need to be satisfied.. This requires high-performance tapered Roller Bearing  and High-reliability Cage-equipped Thrust Ball Bearing . Faced with all these challenges, the construction machinery industry can rely on Loyal know-how, application experience and long history in developing innovative products.

Our customers around the globe expect solutions that are tailored to the bearings needs. Through our around the world network, we establish and produce specifically such options, constantly in close distance to makers and their particular difficulties.

Tapered roller bearings utilized in the travel decrease equipments of building and construction equipment such as hydraulic excavators are utilized in extremely extreme conditions that consist of heavy loads and high-impact loads. This is even more so the case in Construction Machinery market, where construction machinery is often used continuously for long hours and over long stretches of rough roads. Construction Machinery market also pose unique challenges in terms of the poor precision of the parts surrounding the bearing as well as the lack of experience workers have in regard to handling bearings.
In response to this situation, Loyal introduced state-of-the-art, high-precision machining technology in order to achieve the local production of high-quality bearings at a cost-competitive level with shorter lead times and  Develops Tapered Roller Bearing for Construction Machinery Travel Reduction Gears.Loyal Tapered Roller Bearing has a higher level of reliability than the conventional bearing. This bearing was locally sourced and produced to make it possible to provide a steady supply of the cost-competitive, high-quality, short-lead-time bearings that are in demand in Construction Machinery market.

Robust bearings of premium quality for Hydraulic excavators, transmissions, road construction and repair equipment, hydraulic pumps and motors, axle bearings for rolling stock

1. Higher reliability and longer life
In order to prevent a decrease in bearing life due to the harsh usage conditions , Loyal applied optimal crowning to the outer and inner raceways as well as the roller contact surface to suppress edge load from occurring. I
2. Reduced the stress exerted on the ribs
Travel decrease equipments are frequently exposed to high effect due to driving on rough roadways. This can trigger a lot of tension to be put in onto the rib of the bearing's inner raceway, which in turn can trigger the rib to break and ultimately break. In this case, the automobile in concern will no longer have the ability to run. In reaction to this circumstance, Loyal enhanced the shape of the roller edges to minimize by 11.7% the tension applied on the ribs.
3.Application of a high-reliability cage
The traditional cage sustained big levels of cage load and duplicated tension when ball lag took place, which in turn would in some cases lead to fracturing of the steel cage. As a countermeasure to this, the brand-new bearing makes use of a plastic cage, which is resistant to duplicated tension, to additional boost the dependability of the cage under high load conditions.

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