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All Loyal products are covered by a warranty at no extra cost.

Additionally, our Product Support Group (PSG) repairs bearings and offers a variety of service solutions to help you achieve the lowest cost of ownership.

Call or email to speak with us directly regarding your Parts & Service questions.


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Loyal offers a complete range of preventive maintenance and application analysis services, based on our extensive product range and global applications experience. Many users realize the long-term benefits of implementing a "Predictive Maintenance" schedule to maximize uptime, to protect the value of their investment and to reduce equipment operating costs.

While a warranty covers all Loyal products at no extra cost, our service programs can enhance their long-term value and maximize performance. For more information contact us here.

We Can Help You With That

Our We Can Help You With That video series shares helpful tips for prolonging the life of your equipment and troubleshooting common issues.

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Loyal's Product Support is the repair division for Loyal Machinery Corporation of Germany. We return our bearing back to original design specifications with our highly qualified engineering and service technicians. We promise our repair is of the highest standards and will not compromise on quality, service or value.