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Loyal provides tailor-made bearing technology and services for the paper and pulp industry

Loyal deals a total Bearing service for pulp mills by offering knowledge in bearings circulation to impose the mills efficiency. We support your operation to bearing expenses, energy intake and making use of bearing real estate, while enhancing effectiveness and enhancing your procedure.
Temperature levels approximately 150 ° C prevail in the dry end of paper maker. They're subject to high axial forces and stress. Due to these requiring environments, the bearings inner ring can split, triggering device downtime and loss of production.
Loyal longlife bearing was established particularly for clothes dryer rollsrunning at extremely heats. Integrated with unique heat treatment, the chemical structure of the steel utilized makes the inner and external rings incredibly resistant to use and breaking, significantly lowering downtime and upkeep expenses.
The papermaking market is making excellent advances in improving the speed and the width of protection of papermaking makers with the general goal of improving performance.
Calender rolls go through heavy loads and high speeds which can quickly trigger tiredness in round roller bearings. High heat of the application triggers growth of the bearing inner ring resulting in fractures, eventually leading to bearing failure.
Loyal has actually established a variety of bearings to fulfill the requirement to lower the quantity of downtime triggered by unanticipated issues.
The paper market needs extremely reputable operation and long life span from their bearings. Press rolls go through really heavy loads, while suction press rolls reach extremely high speeds. Incorrect bearing choice for paper applications like these can rapidly cause raceway damage.
Wetness levels are high in the wire area which leads to water penetration and bearing rust. Water ingress together with the propensity towards even-greater speeds can result in early bearing failure and loss of production.
As one of the international innovation leaders, we offer services to the difficulties discovered in the Paper Industry. With items particularly developed to support devices made use of in heat, and extremely infected environments, Loyal's bearings supply longer bearing life and greater restricting speeds leading to increased performance.

For lots of bearing applications, Loyalhas established Solution and Application Toolboxes to help clients. These application libraries offer pre-written code to enhance efficiency, speed task conclusion time, and lower task danger.

Loyal offers a wide range of top quality bearings to meet all the needs of your customers:

Rolling bearings in paper machines are subjected to extremely high demands: moisture, intense heat, shaft deflections, high speeds, and long lifetimes. Only rolling bearings that are extremely reliable make it possible to achieve the best paper quality. More complex tasks for bearing arrangements make it necessary to break new ground. Thanks to continuous product maintenance and further development, Schaeffler is practically always in a position to meet new challenges with solutions that work reliably and are cost-effective.

Loyal offers a wide range of top quality bearings to meet all the needs of your customers:

TL Series of Spherical Roller Bearings

Offer exceptional resistance to inner ring fractures, which is perfect for papermaking equipment running under high-temperature conditions. The hard, long-life, TL series of bearings assist enhance performance and lower expenses.
Created to avoid water and other liquids from rinsing the
Low-torque efficiency, which is attained by loading the bearing with oil-impregnated strong product after bearing surface areas have actually gone through an unique surface area treatment.
Secure the workplace by removing roaming oil mist or leak.
High-speed ability allowed through ideal structure of the strong lube product and approaches utilized for the molding procedure.
EM Series of Cylindrical Roller Bearings.
By using NSK's ingenious ideas, the EM series bearing has a higher number of bigger rollers than that of a traditional bearing. In addition, the efficiently created one-piece cage uses high rigidness and low-wear efficiency.
CA Series of Spherical Roller Bearings.
The CA series includes a machined cage; deals exceptional radial load capability and positioning; and offers high load capability and exceptional strength.

Service and support no matter of location

Our service and assistance covers whatever from the fundamental service agreement, extra parts, repair work and upkeep to innovative services and training. We assist to enhance performance, reduce expense, and extend the helpful life of items and systems.
We have a worldwide network of extremely skilled service workers which is why we have the ability to use the most total service idea worldwide, a principle that constantly establishes according to our consumers' requirements and desires.
No matter the area, our service company is constantly close-by. To guarantee our client's access to support and service, we provide a special network with worldwide protection.
System tracking and preventive upkeep procedures
Capital-intensive paper lines need consistent schedule, which is offered by top-notch devices and smart lifecycle service that leaves absolutely nothing to opportunity. This in turn requires trusted product or services for installing, lubrication, positioning, and condition tracking for the rolling bearings utilized worldwide in the "pulp and paper" market.
Custom-made tracking systems for the paper market find damages at a really early phase. This increases preparation security: Unplanned downtimes are prevented, and bearing replacement can be organized beforehand. Schaeffler professionals support paper production all over the world with advanced innovation, such as through remote medical diagnosis by means of the Internet or GSM.

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