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Loyal company is a leading supplier of Sensor Bearing , Wheel bearings and Clutch release bearings service.

Loyal company is a leading supplier of Sensor Bearing , Wheel bearings and Clutch release bearings service.
We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to automotive manufacturers around the world.With an annual production of 5 million wheel bearings and Composite bearings assemblies, we furnish all kinds of lorries, from auto to energy lorries, consisting of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or 4x4.. A strong solutions focus helps manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and supported by the broadest service network and offering in the industry.
Loyal can offer you wheel bearings in composite materials for a wide range of automotive applications. The weight of the loyal bearings and the cost of the function are reduced compared to traditional bearing solutions. .Loyal's commitment is to fully use its expertise to reduce emission and decrease your operating costs by supplying optimized wheel bearings, solutions and services.
Loyal constant innovation and improvement of bearing and service, your ideal partner for automotive parts.Loyal provides made-to-measure and innovative responses to your most demanding technical needs

your ideal partner for automotive Production
Loyal’s bearings and linear systems have gained a global reputation for quality and reliability. Benefit from the know-how of a supplier, combined with the technical expertise of a developer in integrated technologies for your automotive bearings., such as conveyor belts, and/or extreme temperatures, such as drying ovens. With their capabilities and long life, they also perform impressively well in contaminated areas such as automotive paint shops and especially where precision is crucial – at robot work cells.
Lots of automobile producers create their very own engines and also transmissions. The procedures included-- transforming, milling and also grinding-- need outright accuracy also at broadband bearings. Increasing use is being made of Sealed angular-contact ball bearings, cylindrical and roller bearings and angular contact for high speeds , which operate precisely, reliably and cost-effectively.
All of loyal’s high speeds angular-contact ball bearings solutions are ideal for the various machine tools used in the production processes for engines and transmissions. They make certain that this equipment runs specifically and also make it possible for long, maintenance-free procedures, thus protecting high degrees of efficiency at the same time in its entirety.
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