Heavy Duty Trucks

Loyal Bearing for heavy duty trucks are manufactured to high quality standards.

Loyal has developed a highly reliable roller bearing for preventing the axle wear due to inner ring  that occurs in tapered roller bearings used in the wheels of dump trucks for mining operations.
With the heavy duty bearing development of this product, Loyal will contribute to improved maintainability and higher reliability.

Reliability is the key

(1) Optimal wheel bearings design
Through analysis of the tapered roller bearings often used on mining dump trucks, Loyal realized that local deformation was occurring in the inner ring when the rolling element passes under a high level of load, which was resulting in inner ring damage.Loyal increased the thickness of the inner ring and increased the number of rollers to reduce the load on the rolling element, thereby reducing local deformation in the inner ring and significantly limiting damage.
(2)  long-life technology
Loyal applies a special heat treatment process for increased toughness against surface fatigue on both the inner and outer ring, resulting in equivalent and greater life compared to conventional products.
Loyal Bearings Help You Improve Service Life from Off-Highway Quarry Vehicles
Loyal’s off-highway bearing range is designed to provide improved service life in the arduous conditions of dust, mud, high- loads and extremes of temperature that are encountered daily by mobile quarrying vehicles.

Loyal products for heavy duty trucks are manufactured to high quality standards.

Heavy duty Strong trucks bring heavy loads over fars away, which results in really high loads for the wheel and transmission bearings. These high loads should be thought about throughout the style and production of items for sturdy trucks.

Equipped with greater number of larger rollers for superior high-load ratings and longer life, Loyal’s tapered roller bearings are capable of handling combined heavy radial and axial loads, when used in pairs. They are developed for usage on the wheels, differential and also last drives of off-highway vehicles; the transmission as well as rate reducers on crawler-dozers; the transmission and also front axles of wheel loaders as well as rotational electric motors on hydraulic excavators.

Reliability is the key to our success. loads must be considered during the design and manufacturing of products for heavy duty trucks., which  leads to  very high loads for the wheel and transmission bearings. These high
Also providing improved performance benefits as a result of integrating additional rollers in their design is Loyal’s  cylindrical roller bearings. Designed to optimise the differentials of off-road trucks, the transmissions and torque converters of crawler dozers and the transmissions of wheel loaders, the EW / EM heavy duty bearings are capable of carrying particularly large radial loads, and EW / EM heavy duty bearingsare also suitable for high-speed applications.  Readily available with steel as well as brass cages, they use high-load rankings for typical dimension bearings, along with exceptional as well as much longer running life.

Designed to complement the EW / EM series in the transmissions of crawler dozers are Loyal’s latest specification spherical roller bearings: the bearings offers new levels of performance with up to twice the operating life compared to conventional bearings of the same size, and a maximum limiting speed that has been improved by up to10.2%.
Identified for our knowledge as well as our capability to address one of the most tough issues, we provide a big share of the worldwide market for wheel and also transmission bearings for sturdy vehicles. backed up by training, and underpinned by with a wealth of technical expertise, By choosing Loyal products for your HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS, you ensure maximum reliability and a cost-efficient  solution., ensuring that they get the most from their plant and machinery.

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